Process Improvement Initiatives for GLPTN's Indiana Clinicians

The Great Lakes Practice Transformation (GLPTN), in partnership with Purdue Healthcare Advisors' lean services team, is providing to select Indiana-based members the opportunity to improve Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS) scores in the Quality and Improvement Activities categories though process improvement-related skill-building and project-facilitation initiatives.  


GLPTN+2GLPTN+LDI2 ― which is now (Spring 2019) accepting applications ― provides a second opportunity for members to become facilitators of Lean Daily Improvement. 

As a participant in Lean Daily Improvement Facilitator (LDIF) training, you will:

  1. have remote access to a PHA lean coach who will guide you as you work through the process of setting up and facilitating a project.
  2. identify potential projects within your organization and get approval from a PHA Lean Coach to ensure the project has appropriate scope and metrics.
  3. access LDI learning materials through our new PHA Direct e-learning system and complete nine (9) self-paced, online modules and achieve a digital badge by March 30, 2019.
  4. complete one (1) additional module that is used set-up and facilitate one (1) LDI application that successfully makes a change in your standard work performance metric by the end of July. 
  5. identify and scope a second LDI application for the same or different key outcome/quality metric

You will be expected to devote time to the following: 

  • Training:  Up to 12 hours for completion of online modules
  • Set-up activities:  4 to 6 hours for set-up of LDI application and submission of documentation 
  • Running the LDI process:  2 to 3 hours per week for the first two weeks following implementation, and 1 to 2 hours per week through duration of implementation (approximately one month) for collecting and displaying data, running daily team huddles, determining root causes and assessing corrective actions.

This program has really resonated with our members, so we are pleased to be able to offer it for a second time. Access to this training is on a first-come, first-serve basis as space is limited to 30 participants (no more than two per organization). Organizations must be actively participating members of the Indiana GLPTN initiative. Interested participants should email Allison Bryan-Jungels, GLPTN Indiana Program Manager, with the participant's name, organizational role, email, and phone. PHA will then send the participant a link to the PHA Direct web portal to begin their training.



GLPTN+LEANThe GLPTN+LEAN initiative focuses on building capacity for ongoing practice improvement in organizations with 15 or more clinicians. The six-month engagement for eligible Indiana-based, GLPTN-participating organizations helps them make significant improvement in targeted areas. Implementation of this formal, process improvement methodology may benefit all areas of an organization as well as satisfy components of MIPS.

Six organizations participated in GLPTN+LEAN Round I, which consisted of a grant-subsidized package of lean services worth between $8 to 10K. Six more are participating in GLPTN+LEAN Round II, which began in mid-January 2018. The program consists of:

  1. an introductory webinar that will lay out expectations and highlight any pre-work required
  2. one half-day, on-site strategy session with key leadership and stakeholders
  3. training for two staff members in Lean Daily Improvement (LDI), a methodology critical for the sustainment of the new standard work
  4. two (2) Purdue Healthcare Advisors-facilitated Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) that will align with GLPTN's aims*
    1. each event will take approximately three days to complete and will require a cross-functional team of 6-9 people to be present at each session
    2. the first event will occur within 60 days after the strategy session
    3. the second event will occur approximately 45 days after the first event is completed
  5. coaching calls with the lean expert, project tracking, and reporting for LDI certification purposes. 

*GLPTN's aims align closely with the Center's for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) and include the reduction of unplanned, unnecessary readmissions (i.e. Transitional Care Management/TCM); improvement of the referral process; improvement of health outcomes through Depression Screening; Diabetes Control (A1C); and Hypertension Control; reduction of unnecessary testing; reduction of unnecessary hospitalizations; and expansion of access.


GLPTN+LDIThe GLPTN+LDI initiative offers GLPTN-participating hospitals and practices based in Indiana the opportunity to participate in a lean methodology-based initiative aimed at improving quality metrics (including MIPS scores) without major workflow disruption. Lean Daily Improvement (LDI) is a continuous improvement process run at the point of service, making small but meaningful daily adjustments to how we work and behave in order to move or hold a metric. These systematic, small-step changes can be made while work is being done.

The 2017 GLPTN+LDI initiative, which ran from September 15 to December 31, 2017, taught participants how to scope a project; create new standard work; collect and display data visually; run team huddles to get to root causes; assign corrective actions; and keep the process moving. Applicants selected from one of the following focus areas for an LDI project: 1) Depression Screening; 2) Diabetes Control (A1); 3) Hypertension Control; 4) Transitional Care Management (TCM) enhancements; and 5) Chronic Care Management (CCM) enhancements.

The first three project options are the core clinical measures GLPTN is committed to helping its clients improve. Those who selected the TCM or CCM enhancements were not in the initial stages of implementing the code. The initiative consisted of some pre-work; a project launch; work toward an LDI certification; an online session about proper scoping of a project; online-facilitated training sessions (total of 8 hours); coaching throughout the duration of the project; and the completion of the selected LDI project in 3-1/2 months.

See Northwest Indiana-based provider network improves its diabetes care monitoring with Lean Daily Improvement.


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