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A simple but powerful tool to hardwire desired behaviors

Purdue Healthcare Advisors, the applied research arm of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University, has developed kCards, a.k.a knowledge cards, as a tool to help our clients address training needs for soft skills or "people skills."

Simple. Developing professionals, changing organizational culture, and impacting patient behavior for improved care all benefit from playing kCards as a daily mindful practice to hardwire new behaviors. Composed of a title, a motivating quote, a THINK section, and a DO section, the 3"x5" cards generate significant soft-skill development as they nudge users daily to experiment with mental models and simple behaviors associated with new skills. As the player masters complex competencies, the cards fill the gap between knowing and doing by breaking change into small, easily attainable steps.

Proven. kCards are structured around evidence-based competencies. We'll work with you to identify the competencies you want to focus on and train your group to incorporate the cards into daily life. Then they'll either "play" from pre-built decks and/or write and share their own cards in one of our public or private online communities.

Essential. Healthcare providers and hospital leaders use kCards to:

  • improve the effectiveness of training, coaching, and process improvement;
  • increase job satisfaction, ward against burnout, and build resilience in key employees;
  • influence group change and foster cultures of continuous personal learning; and
  • improve care by helping patients move toward their goals.

Soft Skills Training

Mastery of soft skills, or people skills, is expected for healthcare workers expected to possess the requisite good bedside manner while weathering with grace the harsh demands of the job. 

As staff members research, write, share, and play their kCards, important competencies for career success are hardwired into their professional life. kDecks to improve soft skills include Resilience, Active Listening, and Emotional Intelligence.

Culture Change

Barriers to success for hospitals and healthcare systems emerge in the form of simple resistance to change. Change is inevitable in today's healthcare arena as consumers push for a more transparent and accountable marketplace.

New organizational initiatives for your organization will come to life with kCards' ability to instruct and inspire. kDecks for moving your culture forward include Leadership, Innovation, Influence, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Improved Care

kCards improve care by fostering a strong relationship between patient and provider, and by helping patients modify behaviors.

Better health outcomes start with Shared Decision Making and Motivational Interviewing, two kDecks that help providers work more effectively with at-risk patient populations.

Patients move toward goals with Patient Engagement kDecks that address tobacco, obesity, opioids, chronic care management, and more.