Allison Bryan-Jungels
Allison Bryan-Jungels
Assistant Director, Outreach and Partnerships

What you can expect from Purdue Healthcare Advisors

  • An evidence-based, competency model to improve people-centric performance as they form new habits
  • A kCard starter kit that exemplifies the techniques and behaviors for each competency in the model
  • Online training that illustrates how to write, share, and effectively use kCards
  • An online learning community (public or private) where kCards are written and shared
  • Coaching and an optional authoring service as your team writes, shares, and uses kCards to master new competencies
  • Identification and evaluation of metrics

Connect with us

Organizations can choose to use kCards to enhance an organization/hospital-directed initiative or kCards can be experienced through Purdue Healthcare Advisor's Lean Immersion online learning program, which trains students in both Lean Daily Improvement and Lean Behavior Change.

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